What is Scalp Aesthetics?

Scalp Aesthetics is one of the largest scalp micropigmentation companies in Maryland. Thanks to their treatments that involves scalp tattooing, balding men are feeling like they have hair again. If you are interested in non-invasive hair restoration treatments, these experts can come to your aid. At their treatment center, you will feel comfortable and welcomed. Their staff will cater your needs and help you find the best solution for your hair loss. Maryland hair tattoos for men are fully customized in order to deliver high-quality and long-lasting results that will help you increase your confidence and feel good about yourself again. If you are looking for the ultimate scalp micropigmentation service, you have come to the right place, because here, patients are treated only with courtesy and professionalism. Read on to learn how this company can provide you a positive, enjoyable and life-changing experience.

The Cost of Hair Tattooing

Did you know that more than 65% of men experience some type of hair loss before the age of 35? Before scalp pigmentation, it was very hard to deal with male baldness. Nowadays, if you have problems with losing your hair, you can easily find a solution – visit a local hair loss clinic and get a hair tattoo. This procedure involves tattooing little dots filled with pigment that matches your natural hair and skin color in place of hair follicles. The final result resembles a buzz-cut instead of a bald, or partially bald head. If you are into short hairstyle, this is the right choice to gain back your confidence. If you are not sure whether or not you would like to ink your head, you can opt for temporary ink.


Unlike today’s hair surgery and grafts that can cost more than $12,000, this service can cost up to $2,000. Some men require multiple sessions to achieve natural-looking results, and in that case, all additional touch ups are free. The cost of the procedure can vary depending on the size of the bald area that needs to be covered and the location of your clinic. After the treatment, you will also have to spend some money on monthly maintenance for a good haircut. If you are afraid of surgery, or you simply cannot afford it, this is the right non-surgical hair replacement procedure for you. To this day, there are no reports that mention any side effects or complications caused by scalp tattooing.

Who Performs Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Although this is a non-invasive procedure, it can be done only a licensed hair loss specialist or a specialized tattoo artist. Only an experienced professional can properly carry out the fitting and design of your tattoo and get the job adequately done. So, if you decide to undergo scalp micropigmentation, hiring the right expert is of utmost importance. The best way to find a licensed professional is to ask your friends, family members or colleagues for a reference. Do your research well and choose only clinics that already have a proven track record. Also, make sure they have good reviews and testimonials. Lastly, schedule a free consultation to learn more about your hair restoration options and the cost of the procedure for your particular situation.